Our History

2nd and 3rd Generation

E. Phillip Hickman (3rd Generation) and and John H. Hickman (2nd Generation)

4th and 5th Generation:

Brothers, E. Phillip Hickman, Jr. and David L. Hickman, began farming together in 1973 and decided to use the name of the land “Dublin Farms” to create a brand for their potatoes. Their sons, Matthew, Mark and Phillip, comprise the fifth generation. They operate the farm today. Dublin Farms currently produces potatoes, corn, soybeans, and green beans in Accomack County. We are constantly striving to improve our operations to be good stewards of the land and our rural community. Preserving and improving the land for the next generation is our number one goal.

Phil and David, the 4th Generation
Mark, Matt and Phillip, the 5th Generation

The Beginning

Dublin Farms, traces its origin to the mid-1870’s when Edward Thomas Hickman began raising potatoes on his home farm, “Dublin.” “Dublin” was the name given to this 300-acre tract in Horntown, VA, on the north side of Mosquito Creek, when it was separated from an original land grant from England. Potatoes have been grown on various parts of this farm every year since 1876.

Land Rent Receipts

Edward Thomas Hickman did not purchase the farm when he began working the land. For many years, he rented from Mary Kellar. Several of his rental agreements survive to this day.

Farm Receipts

Several of the farm's old purchases and sales records are still in our possession.

The Eastern Shore of Virginia Produce Exchange was founded in 1900. It was a pioneer in the agricultural industry of the country, helping farmers to market their crops and maximize income by setting standards in grading, establishing branding, and product distribution. They also developed systems to facilitate payments to the farmers, including issuing loans as produce was delivered. The organization at its peak had agents working on its behalf in faraway places such as Cincinnati Ohio, Southern Canada and Cuba.

For the railroad buffs out there, The New York, Philadelphia and Norfolk Railroad was a railroad line that connected Wilmington, Delaware to Cape Charles, Virginia along the Delmarva Peninsula. The railroad car ferry that crosses the Chesapeake Bay is still in operation today, one of only two left in the country. The line was the vision of coal baron William Lawrence Scott, who wanted to create a shorter route to the coal wharfs in Hampton Roads. The project was financed by Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) interests and was surveyed and designed by PRR Vice-President Alexander J. Cassatt. The line began operation in 1884 and officially merged into the PRR in 1921.

Tax Receipts

According to Benjamin Franklin, the three certainties of life are death, taxes, and learning new things. These tax records cover many years from 1871 to 1903.


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