Food Safety

Good Agriculture Practices

Food safety became a driving issue for all produce growers in 2012. Potato Growers on the ESVA took that challenge head on and 3 farms became USDA Good Ag Practices (GAP) certified that year. Of course, Dublin Farms was one of them. Since then we have continuously pushed ourselves to raise the bar every year.

Technology Advancements

Traceability is a large part of the food safety audit. Anytime there is a food safety risk buyers want to know exactly where the produce came from. With our traceability software we can trace our potatoes back to the individual block of a field. From there we can pull the records of every fertilizer or chemical application in that field for the last several years. To date there has never been a food safety incident with potatoes from Dublin Farms or any other potato farm in the USA.

Reaching Higher - Harmonized GAP

In 2013, the USDA further improved the GAP program by introducing a new, higher standard audit known as Harmonized GAP. Dublin Farms was the only potato farm in the area to obtain this certification that year.

Today's Standard: Harmonized GAP Plus

In 2018 USDA came out with a GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) certified audit known as "Harmonized GAP Plus", GFSI being the highest standard of food safety audits. We were the only potato farm on the ESVA that year to receive Harmonized GAP Plus certification and we continue to be audited by this standard today.


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